“A brand is a promise, a compass to guide our decisions.”

Diane Eichler

“Hell-bent on removing all risks of life and catapulting them into the college with the right brand name, we’ve robbed our kids of the chance to construct and know their own selves.”

Julia Lythcott-Haimes, How to Raise an Adult

Personal branding has been identified as one of the most important skills of the future. In the fast-paced, connected, technologically driven future, it will be critical for people to be able clearly communicate their brand.

URBrand URBrand is a unique product designed to help you think about who you are and what you stand for–your personal brand. By completing the activities thoughtfully, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, which will help guide decisions that you make, particularly in challenging times. Based on the science behind the Resilient Mindset Model, URBrand guides users through interactive branding activities to proactively build brain pathways that reinforce a strong sense of self.

Personal branding is a process that is most effective when we are able to take the time to think deeply, get feedback from others and reflect. URBrand will guide you through this process, enabling you to complete activities at your own pace and edit as many times as you would like. At any time, you are able to use the activities to create URPoem, a unique representation of URBrand, which can be shared.

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For multiple forms you will have to provide us with the unique email addresses of the individuals who will be receiving these forms. You will be contacted by the Center For Resilient Leadership and asked to provide these. For more information or orders over 50 units please contact us at dvolpitta@centerforresilientleadership.com

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