The Four Characters of the Brain

The Four Characters of the brain teach our brain’s natural response to challenge. When we face a challenge, we think of our decisions as “good” or “bad.” Our brains, however, look at those choices as “long-term” vs. “short-term.”

The Ant

The ant represents the cortex/ frontal lobe and is in charge of our long term decisions: going to the doctor, studying for the text, waking up to exercise. He carries the tools for optimum brain performance. When those are in place, we are better able to make decisions that benefit us in the long term.

The Grasshopper

The grasshopper represents the limbic system and is in charge of our short-term decisions/ short-term survival. He doesn’t care what happens in the future; he is only concerned about what is happening right now. The grasshopper is fast and strong.

The Glowworm

The glowworm represents the amygdala, a special part of the limbic system that is in charge of looking out for threats. When she sees a threat, her job is to switch control of the brain from the ant to the grasshopper, who can get us out of the way of danger.

The Dragonfly

The dragonfly The dragonfly represents the prefrontal cortex. She serves as the “CEO” of the brain and is in charge of mindfulness, self-awareness and situational awareness. She has the Four Ss on her wings because she uses them to guide her choices in response to challenge.

One of the three main parts of the Resilient Mindset ModelTM