Pathways to EmpowerTM is a one-day intensive certification course in Brain-based Leadership that can benefit anyone: parents, educators, corporate leaders, health professionals, etc.. Everyone practices some form of leadership because we are constantly interacting with others. Understanding the way that the brain works allows you to be more mindful about the way that you lead.

Pathways to EmpowerTM

Pathways it the only program available that:

  • teaches how neuroscience, resilience, mindfulness, growth mindset, and leadership fit together
  • teaches a simple brain model
  • applies to anyone and any challenge
  • allows the flexibility to work with your schedule, and
  • enables you to teach your whole community

The beauty of Pathways to EmpowerTM is its simplicity and flexibility. The concepts are simple, yet they can be applied to any challenging situation, from the playground to the home to the board room. Because it is so generalizable, any environment provides plenty of opportunities for reinforcement of the concepts.


This was an incredible training experience as well as teachable moment…Our students will greatly benefit from understanding how and why they react to everyday life.

One of the best professional development workshops I have ever attended!

Being conscious of why our brain works the way it does helps us stay in control when problems arise, learn from them, become more resilient and continue to grow and learn from life’s challenges…


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The Center for Resilient Leadership offers workshops and keynote speeches for a range of different audiences, including students, parents, military, and corporate leaders. We are happy to work with you to develop a program that will work within your time-frame and that will address your specific needs.

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