The mission of The Center for Resilient Leadership is to teach people about the brain in order to help them to make more mindfully resilient choices.

At the Center for Resilient Leadership, we have three basic beliefs:

  • Resilience is our response to any challenge
  • Resilience is a choice
  • Being mindful can help us make more resilient choices

Through the Resilient Mindset ModelTM, we teach how to approach, respond to, and reflect on challenge in a more productive way.

The Resilient Mindset ModelTM

Everyone faces challenges. Our resilience is how we respond.

The Resilient Mindset ModelTM serves as a framework for understanding the brain in order to help people make mindfully resilient choices.  Mindfulness is the focusing of attention and awareness.  The idea behind the model is that by becoming consciously aware of what is happening in the brain, we are empowered to make more mindful, intentional choices.

Created by an educator, a neuroscientist, and a designer, this model uses four characters to illustrate different brain areas and functions:

Pathways to EmpowerTM

Pathways to EmpowerTM is a Brain-Based Leadership Certification program designed to help anyone understand how to lead mindfully.

The beauty of Pathways to EmpowerTM is its simplicity and applicability. In the course, you will learn how resilience, growth mindset, mindfulness, neuroscience and leadership fit together and how you can foster an understanding of those concepts in the people who you lead. As one participant recently said, “I finally understand the ‘why.’”

URBrand TM

Personal branding is a very effective way to consciously develop brain pathways that lead to better, more resilient long-term decisions. UR BrandTM is a series of tools, facilitated through interactive digital format, that coach people through the process of discovering and defining their personal brand.

URBrandTM will be available in 2017.

Workshops, Keynote Speeches & Consulting Services

The Center for Resilient Leadership offers workshops and keynote speeches for a range of different audiences, including students, parents, military, and corporate leaders. We are happy to work with you to develop a program that will work within your time-frame and that will address your specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.