Building Pathways:
Using Challenges as
Opportunities to Build Resilience

Everyone faces challenges. Our resilience is how we respond to
those challenges.

Our response to any challenge–from sharing a toy, to bullying, to peer pressure to facing cancer– is determined by our understanding of four concepts:

  • Self: Who are we and what do we stand for?
  • Situation: How do we evaluate the challenge?
  • Support: Who can we ask for help?
  • Strategies: Do we have specific strategies to draw upon?

As parents, we can use small challenges as opportunities to teach these concepts to our children, building their resilience. Unfortunately, our natural reactions to challenges (fear, anger, protectiveness) are counterproductive to building resilience.

In this workshop, you will learn about the Resilient Mindset ModelTM, which will transform the way you look at challenge.

  • Why we react,
  • How to stop the reaction, and
  • How to frame each challenge as an opportunity to build resilience.

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