The Resilient Mindset ModelTM: Understanding How to Build a Resilient Team

Everyone faces challenges. Our resilience is how we respond to
those challenges.

The challenges faced by military leaders often carry high stakes: poor decisions can lead to failed missions or lost lives. In those challenging moments, leaders need to be able to count on their team.

Mindful leaders build a resilient team through conscious practices of understanding, reflecting and investing. They are directly connected to their organization and understand the challenges being faced at every level. They use these challenges as opportunities to build resilience.

The Resilient Mindset ModelTM provides a framework for those conscious practices of understanding, reflecting, and investing in your team.

Based on scientific research, an understanding of this model will:

  • transform the way you and your team approach challenges
  • help you and your team to reflect rather than react in times of challenge
  • give you insight about the root causes of interpersonal conflict
  • increase productive responses to challenges
  • frame challenges as opportunities for professional development
  • improve team synergy
  • facilitate communication
  • increase productivity

This seminar is designed for MILITARY LEADERS who are open to learning practical strategies to improve their effectiveness.

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