Mindful Leadership:
Understanding How to
Build a Resilient Team


Everyone faces challenges. Our resilience is how we respond to those challenges.

Leadership is difficult.  Daily challenges are unpredictable; therefore, effective leaders must be prepared to handle whatever is thrown at them.  When faced with challenge, they need to reflect and invest rather than react and ignite.

Mindful Leadership transforms the way that leaders approach challenge. By understanding fundamentals about the brain, mindful leaders recognize not only what is happening, but also why it is happening.  This empowers them to make decisions that not only achieve their short term objectives, but also align with long-term interests.

This workshop will:

  • transform the way you and your employees approach challenges
  • help you and your employees to reflect rather than react in times of challenge
  • give you insight about the root causes of interpersonal conflict
  • increase productive responses to challenges
  • frame challenges as opportunities for professional development
  • improve team synergy
  • facilitate communication
  • increase productivity

This seminar is designed for BUSINESS OWNERS & LEADERS who are open to learning practical strategies to improve their effectiveness with their employees.

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