• "A trained mind is
    an asset, a tool
    for survival."

    ~ Dr. Haha Lung
  • "What we actually learn,
    from any given set
    of circumstances,
    determines whether we
    become increasingly
    powerless or more

    ~ Blaine Lee
  • "It’s not what happens
    to you; It’s what you
    do with what happens
    to you."

    ~ Chris Waddell

The Mindful Leadership Model

Everyone faces challenges.  Our choice is how to respond.

The Mindful Leadership Model is a framework for understanding challenge.  Transforming the way that people think about challenge empowers them to reflect and respond rather that react and ignite.

The Mindful Leadership Model offers a unique perspective about the challenges that we face everyday.  Through this perspective, challenges can be used as opportunities to build resilience.  The central tenet of the model is mindfulness, the understanding of what is happening in the moment and the ability to make conscious choices because of that understanding.

Our clients learn how to reflect instead of react and they learn to use that reflection in order to invest in personal and professional development.  Based on the latest research about the brain, The Mindful Leadership Model has been successfully applied to all types of leaders, from parents to corporate managers, and all types of challenges, from presentation deadlines to addiction.


The foundation of The Mindful Leadership Model is an understanding of how our brain works in response to challenge.  In our brain, we have two forces that are often conflicting, one that is focused on our long-term success and the other that is focused on our immediate survival.  The Mindful Leadership Model uses easy-to-understand metaphors in order to help explain how and why those two forces work in times of challenge.


Mindfulness is the focusing of attention and awareness.  Being aware of what is happening in the brain empowers one to reflect on the present challenge and make informed decisions about how to respond.  Mindful Leadership is the ability to reflect and make conscious, informed decisions.


Our “resilience,” is determined by how we think about four Ss:

  • Self: Who we are and what we stand for,
  • Situation: Our interpretation of the challenge itself,
  • Supports: Our ability to draw upon the help of others , and
  • Strategies. The actions we will take.

Investing in involves recognizing “teachable moments” that allow us to reinforce resilient practices.

The Center for Resilient Leadership offers workshops, seminars, keynote speeches and consulting services. All of the work that we do is tailored to your individual needs, and we work with you to determine the best format for meeting those needs. Whether you are a parent learning how to respond to your children or a management executive at a Fortune 500 company learning how to best motivate your employees, The Center for Resilient Leadership will help you to navigate challenge with resilience and integrity.

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